Play Name :-Quixotic Wonderland

Wonderland is a story of a little girl Alice in wonderland and a day dreamer Don Quixote, What happens when Alice meets Don Quixote at queen’s palace and how they destroy the ego of manhattan’s King & queen!

Alice is very bored and sleepy while sitting with her older sister outside, until she sees a White Rabbit looking at his watch and talking to himself. She follows the Rabbit down a very deep rabbit hole and ends up far beneath the ground in a hall with a tiny locked door that leads to a beautiful garden. Don Quixote is a middle-aged gentleman from the region of La Mancha in central Spain. Obsessed with the chivalrous ideals touted in books he has read, he decides to take up his lance and sword to defend the helpless and destroy the wicked. After a first failed adventure, he sets out on a second one with a somewhat befuddled laborer named Sancho Panza, whom he has persuaded to accompany him as his faithful squire. In return for Sancho’s services, Don Quixote promises to make Sancho the wealthy governor of an aisle.


Ranga Theatre Like every other passionate person with roots in theatre, like every 2nd actor who has not seen the kind of theatre he/she believes in and has fire in his/her belly to do what they have grown with and believes in…For being some of us together and to satiate what burning desire of doing good work is what prompted Ranga Theatre.



Alice ~Ahaanna

Don Quixote ~ Pavitra Sarkar

Sancho Panja ~Dharmendra Ahirwar

Hare ~Om Vichare

Tweedle Dee ~Upen Shukla

Tweedle Dum ~ Sanskriti

Mad Hatter ~Harish Aggarwal

Jabberwocky ~Avnish Kotnal

Queen ~Aarifa Bhinderwala

Commander ~Satyam Dubey

Guard 1 ~Vicky

Guard 2 ~Shairaaj

Chorus ~Avnish, Shairaaj, Upen, Satyam, Amit, Vicky & Others


Story, Script & Lyrics ~Soumya Banerjee

PR ~Kajal Ads

Publicity Design ~Muse Ads (Manoj Mourya)

Costume Design ~Pavitra Sarkar

Costume Making ~Laxman

Set & Light Design ~Dhanendra Kawade

Produced by ~Shairaaj & Rajiv Pandey

Music Design ~Gagan D Riar

Concept Design & DirectionBijon Mondal


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