Play Name :-Rain – a musical play

This is the journey of a reporter Ajit Sinha, Who kidnapped by the vegetable union and then turned into a famer and how he understands their plight. And later writes a book “Ungarnished Truth” which fetches him Booker Prize.
For a farmer Land represents his mother. He cares and loves the land like he would do for his mother and the crops that he harvests he treats them like his children with utmost love and care... and when the time comes like children, the crops also leave the farmer to go into different places and like children bring name and respect for a parents.. So does our crops from all over the world. Also it evokes some questions like do the farmer think that he’s forgotten in the process.

Do you worry the farmer worry they will be well transported? Cared for, enjoyed for their good taste and what about the price. Do the farmer worry that his vegetables leave and go into some many hands to far way lands, Do you not worry that the world enjoy the fruit of your labour. But at the end farmer says I have no answers for them today. All I can say is do your job honestly,


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