Play Name :-Pi- In Search of God’s Name

Pi’s childhood where we introduced to his family, Pi’s father runs a zoo, his mother is a housewife and his elder brother is three years older than he. We see Pi’s world through his own eyes. His uniqueness and his banality come through in different situations. Pi becomes a representative of all people, as his feeling of despair when finding himself alone in the Pacific or his feeling of triumph when he kills fishes become our feelings, as deep down we all know that in such circumstances we would have reacted in the same fashion.


Like every other passionate person with roots in theatre, like every 2nd actor who has not seen the kind of theatre he/she believes in and has fire in his/her belly to do what they have grown with and believes in…For being some of us together and to satiate what burning desire of doing good work is what prompted Ranga Theatre.



Pi ~Ishaan, Ghanshyam

Ravi / Mamaji ~Saurabh

Father ~Nitin

Mother ~Monali

Waiters ~Dharmendra & Ashish

Survivor ~Arun

Tiger (Richard Parker) ~Pobitro/Bali

Hyena ~Bali/Dilip

Orang utan ~Ashish

Zebra ~Dharmendra


BAND – Translucent “You Can’t see our music but you can feel it”

Guitarist – Rohit Das

Drummer – Amit Mhatre

Tabla – Sunny singh

Keyboard - Krunal

Music & Lyrics- Gopal Tiwari

Projection & Production - Ayaz Ansari

Sets & Masks- Dhanendra Kawade

Lights- Arghya Lahiri

Lights operation & Projection Creatives- Chetan Chand

Backstage - Dharmendra, Bali, Dilip, Ashish

Executive Producer - Danny Dudani

Adaptation - Neha Singh

Designed & Directed byBijon Mondal

Publicity Design -Manoj Mourya

Press & PR - Kajal Ads

Many Thanks !

Yann Martel, Zachariah Singh, Ashok Singh, Naresh dudani, Maratha Sanskritik Mandal, Sanjna Kapoor, Sameera Iyengar, Lalit Sathe & Prithvi Theatre.


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