Play Name :-Oedipus Rex

The story of a man unwittingly moving ever closer to the unhappy fate he is struggling mightily to avoid.

The Play begins during a time of plague in Thebes. The gods demand vengeance for the death of Laius as the price of lifting the city’s punishment. Oedipus, who has been a wise and just ruler of the people who made him their king, is determined to seek justice. Through his efforts, he discovers that he is the murderer of Laius his father and husband of his mother.


Like every other passionate person with roots in theatre, like every 2nd actor who has not seen the kind of theatre he/she believes in and has fire in his/her belly to do what they have grown with and believes in…For being some of us together and to satiate what burning desire of doing good work is what prompted Ranga Theatre.


Late Shri Dharamvir Bharti


Oedipus ~Bijon Mondal

Jocasta ~Meenal Kapoor/Divya Jagdale

Creon ~Kulvinder Bakshish

Teiresias ~Pavitra Sarkar

Rahab ~Harish Aggarwal

Khadim ~Aarifa Bhinderwala

Messenger ~Sukant Goel

Shepherd ~Satyendra Kumar

Chorus ~Harish Aggarwal, Rajive Pandey, Sukant Goel, Avnish Kotnal, Satyendra Kumar & Shairaaj.


Music ~Satish Krishnamurthy

Projection DesignChetan Chand

Sound Operation ~Monali Dutta

Costume Design ~Pavitra Sarkar

Costume Making ~Laxman

Set Design ~Vivek Jadhav

Backstage ~Ashish, Amit Singh & Dharmendra

Light Design ~Arghya Lahiri

Make Up ~Hemant

Designed & Directed by ~Bijon Mondal

Publicity Design ~Muse Ads (Manoj Mourya)


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