Play Name :- KARNA-the generous warrior

This play is about Karna and the story untold or sometimes chosen to be ignored about the magnanimity and the tragedy of someone who had to survive to pity and parenthood of an unknown and survive it entails the story about the struggles of existential dilemmas and of treading the path of truth, sincerity and commitment of word and deed to even someone Karna knew was ethically and morally wrong.


Like every other passionate person with roots in theatre, like every 2nd actor who has not seen the kind of theatre he/she believes in and has fire in his/her belly to do what they have grown with and believes in…For being some of us together and to satiate what burning desire of doing good work is what prompted Ranga Theatre and this play KARNA…The generous warrior


Cast ~ Bijon Mondal, Mridul Sharma, Kulvinder Bakshish and Vasudha/Anima

Credits ~ Music Design– Satish krishnamurty

Music Operation ~ Arun/Deepanjan

Backstage~ Tushar, Abhay, Dharmendra and Dilip

Light Design ~ Arghya Lahiri

Set & Property design ~ Kulvinder Bakshish

Produced By~ Bijon Mondal

Conceived & Directed By ~ Kulvinder Bakshish


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